Hi! How are you?

I don’t think I’ll ever be a proper blogger. I am far too inconsistent. But, as someone said to me on Twitter the other day, “that’s what blogging’s for. Never remembering to do.” In my own defence, I have been otherwise engaged. I left Korea in May and spent a couple of months travelling around Australia (I’ll spare you the slide show). Now, I’m in London and I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

I wouldn’t say all roads lead here, but I was definitely going to end up in London at some point. The planets are aligned right now and the time is right. I’ve been here for a month and life is good. I have a lovely home, with lovely people (and a cat). Having been initially daunted by the cost of living, I’ve learned that in a city as big and varied as this, you can be as lavish or as miserly as you like. For the time being, I’m veering wildly towards the latter, but I’m having fun on a budget.

I’ve got a job as an Assistant Editor for a business / economics / finance newspaper, which is all very exciting and most recently, I’ve been balls deep in encyclopaedias and historical documents, having landed some freelance work writing quizzes. Very interesting. I do have every intention of blogging more frequently, but a cursory flick through my archives will tell you that this intention isn’t new. The execution, though, would be.

Anybody who would like to hear / read more regular updates can find me on Twitter or Tumblr, which I’ve recently fallen for – head over heels. I find Tumblr to be the perfect halfway house for lazy bloggers like me. My own account appears to be a lengthier version of the ‘Reading Lists’ I ran on here. Have a look!

So, thanks for reading. I’ll hopefully be back here soon.


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