The Scrawls and Bawls Annual Anthology

Which ones will he choose?

I recently wrote a review of a compilation by Dandelion Radio for the Line of Best Fit. Since his untimely passing, the independent radio station have continued John Peel’s annual Festive Fifty chart, whereby listeners nominate their favourite tracks of the year. It got me thinking: what are the most popular songs from amongst my own friends, online associates and blog reader (s)?

Last year, I (as well as everyone else on the internet) marked the passing of the decade with a series of guest posts from friends and colleagues selecting their favourite albums of ten years. This year, I thought I’d poll the same cross-section on individual tracks. There is, of course, the risk that no track will be mentioned more than once.

On album lists, it’s logical that the same names will crop up again and again. Songs, though, are different. People personalize the records they buy. They often have a soft spot for a track many others consider the runt of the litter. Maybe it reminds them of something or someone. Perhaps the lyrics take on a unique significance when applied to their own lives… whatever the case, I’m banking on receiving some singular nominations.

Nonetheless, I hope this will be an exciting, interesting experiment with some enjoyable and educating results. If you would like to participate, please send your five tracks to by December 15th. The only criteria is that the song or the album it comes from was released in 2010.

I am looking forward to hearing everyone’s choices.


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