The times, they are a changin’

Image by Hugh

Welcome to the new Scrawls and Bawls! For over two years I stuck with Blogger, but had constant problems. First of all, I was never really happy with the template (or choice of templates). They look amateurish and clunky. I think that even the most basic WordPress themes look more professional, clean and are easier to read (I hope you agree!).

More recently, I had formatting issues. I would type something in one font and it would appear on the blog in another. No amount of tinkering could alter it. There was a lack of uniformity to the posts, stylistically and it annoyed me looking at it.

My mind was pretty much made up to leave Google after the Pop Cop got shut down by them last year on a ridiculous charge of copyright infringement. I don’t post many downloads on my blog, but it grated with me that an honest, community minded blogger’s freedom was impinged upon.

Reading user reviews, it seems that whilst WordPress is not perfect, it’s much more consistent than the Google option. I realize I’m forfeiting any SEO I may have gained from it, but that’s not a worry for me. The transfer was a bit of a ballache and I will spend the next while revisiting old posts and ironing out some problems. I’ll also probably toy around with the format for a wee while, but I hope to keep updating the blog with posts you may enjoy.

Thanks for reading!


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